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XRD Workshops & trainings

RMSKempten offers courses and training for users of X-ray diffraction with the following contents:

Free webinar to get started with ADM_Cell

In preparation for the release of the ADM Suite V8, RMS Kempten publishes the free software ADM_Cell.

ADM_Cell was developed for the calculation of XRD reference diffractograms and RiR values from crystallographic and chemical data for qualitative and quantitative phase analysis.

To make it as easy as possible for you to get started with this new software, we will be offering free webinars. In these webinars, the theoretical basics are presented and the use of ADM_Cell is explained using examples.

By registering for this webinar, you will receive all the files you need from us by email. You can find more information about ADM_Cell here.


Fundamentals of X-ray Powder Diffraction

This course is offered to relative newcomers and to experienced users who want to heighten their knowledge of the fundamental principles and established procedures. The participant will become familiar with the basics of single and multi phase analysis and practices with many analysis files to handle the modern analysis methods.


  • Introduction to the x-ray diffraction
  • Selection and construction of data collection procedures
  • Correction of measured data
  • Representation of the data collected
  • Presentation of the results

Qualitative phase analysis

  • JCPDS-PDF databases User defined databases
  • User created databases Web-databases
  • Subfiles
  • Analysis without standard
  • Analysis with standard, internal standard, external standard
  • Analysis of modifications

Quantitative phase analysis

  • Single Line
  • Full pattern
  • RIR-factor
  • Corrections


Special X-ray diffraction (XRD)

This course introduces to the more experienced analytical and crystallographic methods. The user learns to interpret the measured and calculated data and the application in the qualitative and quantitative phase analysis.

Profile Analysis

  • Introduction, theory and application in phase analysis and crystallographic analysis.

Multi scan analysis

  • 2D and 3D graphs of sets of scans, iso-angular sections and their meanings.

Residual stress

  • Introduction, theory and application.


  • Introduction, theory and application.

Crystallite size analysis

  • Introduction, theory and application.

Lattice refinement

  • Introduction, theory and application in phase analysis.


  • Introduction, theory and application in phase analysis.


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