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XRD for Paper Analyses

by RMSKempten

Cellulose is the most abundant polymer on earth and the main component of paper and paper products. The high quality demands placed on paper today necessitate the addition of inorganic fillers and pigments., originally intended to save expensive fiber material. It was soon recognized that the properties of the paper could be increased and controlled by the fillers.

Our example shows an XRD phase analysis of a brown packaging paper: In addition to the fiber cellulose (68 weight %), it contains 32 weight % of fillers: talc, kaolinite and calcium carbonate.

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Phase analysis of a riverbank sand

by RMSKempten

The Iller flows directly in front of the RMSKempten laboratory. In addition to water, the Iller transports large amounts of sediment from the Alps downstream. These are stored on the shore along the river as sand.

Our XRD tells us what this sand is made of:


This analysis was performed with ADM Suite. Download your free trial here.

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RMSKempten: XRD analytics as a service

by RMSKempten

With X-ray diffractometry (XRD analysis), your samples can be examined non-destructively. The method offers many possibilities for characterizing the samples:

  • Which chemical compounds (phases) and in what proportions is your sample composed of? (phase analysis)
  • Which crystallite sizes do the identified phases show? (crystallite size and microstress analysis)
  • What is the degree of crystallinity of the individual phases?
  • What are the stresses and strains in your sample (residual stress analysis by measuring the distortion of the metal lattice)?
  • Are there preferred crystallographic orientations in your samples (orientation and texture analysis)?

The XRD analysis offers answers to many questions. Contact us! The RMSKempten laboratory offers you an XRD analysis tailored to your needs.

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Immediate Whole Pattern Analysis

by RMSKempten

When opening a measurement file, ADM immediately presents the analysis of the entire diffractogram. You use all diffraction information and are not tied to one or a few peaks.

Learn more about ADM and get the free trial in your lab today!

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ADM V8 - now available as a trial version for free download

by RMSKempten

Want to try ADM before you buy? - No problem!

Just download the free trial of ADM.

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The results match - Our customers love ADM!

by RMSKempten

Used in laboratories around the world

ADM is used in laboratories wherever X-ray powder diffraction data is examined.


ADM also offers the right tools for you:

Very easy diffractogram processing Identify and quantify major and minor phases quickly and easily. ADM even automates these tasks as soon as you load your diffractogram.

Simulation from structural data

Simulate diffractograms from structural data to create your own custom database.

Multiscan analysis

With the help of our comprehensive multiscan toolset, comparing and sorting many similar diffractograms to find outliers is easier. Use cluster analysis to find new diffractograms in your data.

One-click analysis

Just one click and you're done - with the one-click analysis from ADM you can create evaluations in seconds and in a quality that an experienced analyst would need hours for.


We think just the way you do!

ADM works the way you do it Time is money - that's why we developed ADM in such a way that it can be perfectly integrated into your workflow. This not only makes your analyzes faster, but also higher quality and easier to manage.

Flexible multi-user license models

We make it easy for you to collaborate with others. With a flexible multi-user license, a large team can distribute one license across multiple workstations.


Learn more about ADM and get the free trial in your lab today!

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40 years RMSKempten

by RMSKempten

Today is the day, we are celebrating our 40th anniversary!


More than forty years ago, during his doctorate, Mr. Wassermann began to create software for X-ray diffraction on the 8-bit computers that were just coming onto the market at the time.

Device control and measurement data acquisition were the first applications that were soon used as standard in what was then the Mineralogical-Petrographical Institute of the LMU Munich. It did not take long for the manufacturers of diffractometers to become aware of this development, and the first software package for the XRD was launched in 1981 under the name ADM, offering device control, measurement data acquisition, basic data evaluation, phase analysis and lattice constant refinement.

In the same year the company RMSKempten (Röntgenanalytik.Meßsysteme.Software) was founded and with his first comrade-in-arms and lifelong friend Dr. Günter Lorenz became the business areas

  • XRD software,
  • XRD laboratory (phase analysis, residual stress, texture analysis) and
  • Education (user training, seminars and workshops)

brought to life.

Today, RMSKempten offers its sales partners corporate fitted, ready-to-use software solutions for almost all applications required for the XRD.

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ...

by RMSKempten